Baby You're A Firework
Baby You're A FireworkBaby You're A FireworkBaby You're A FireworkBaby You're A FireworkBaby You're A Firework
  • Easily store and access your phone, cards, gels and more

  • Staticot™ Fabric Blocks 99% of Harmful EMF Waves

  • Perfect for running, hiking, lifting and every day errands

  • Incredibly comfortable and moisture wicking fabric

  • 4 Layers of fabric provide more support, it's like wearing 2 bras. 


Wambas is the world's first and only front pocket sports bra with EMF blocking material to store your stuff and keep your boobs safe. 


The EMF blocking material Staticot™ is scientifically proven to block 99% of all RF waves from reaching your breasts. 


The front storage pocket, with a Velcro clasp, allows you to securely store your phone, your cards, cash, gels, or whatever else you can think of.


Feel the lightness and free'ness of not being weighed down by purses, strapped down by armbands or chaffed up by running belts, which are just glorified fanny packs, and that's the truth!


Whether you are fueling up for a long run and need your gels close by, you need a place to store your cards on an errand, or just want to make sure you have quick access to your phone for that mid-work out selfie...


The Wambas Sports Bra has you and your boobs covered. Literally, we cover your boobs. 


Get yours today before they run (pun intended) out!


    Wambas Fit True To Size

    We have tested and measured across 100s of women, and the Wambas Sports bra fits true to size with our sizing guide. 

    Should you get a bra that doesn't fit, just send it back and we will send you the right size free of charge!

    Just a few testimonials...

    I lovvvvvve it! By far my most comfortable sports bra and my phone and keys fit in perfectly! Ben was impressed with the stitching!! I can’t wait to order more!!- Nicole W

    “I LOVE the colors, and I LOVE the fabric. I honestly could wear this all of the time- it is SUPER comfy! I will say. Dang you made a comfortable bra!” “I’m refusing to take my Wambas off” -Kara Clark

    “I fit my phone and car keys easily in it and loved having easy access to them on my run (my music always stops so I was able to restart it easily!”) - Kris P

    These bras are amazing! As an almost lifelong runner, I have struggled with how to carry gels, keys, my phone, mace etc. These bras are not only SUPER comfy (and I am picky), but they are adorable and best of all- store your stuff!! - Laura O

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