Thank You For Your Purchase!

Thank you so much for purchasing a Wambas EMF Blocking Pocket Sports Bra. Every single customer means the absolute world to us. We are not some big corporation, we are moms, daughters, and wives trying to make the world a better place 1 set of boobs or Wambas at a time. 

We will be getting your bras out with in the next 24 hrs, and you’ll see tracking emails coming your way, too. 

Again, thank you! You are the best!

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on what we think will be your new favorite bra. If there is anything you need from us in the meantime, please feel free to reach out!

If you're open to it, we'd love to hear why you decided to buy. We think we know why women want this bra, but it means way more to hear it directly from the amazing women deciding to join the family.

Take our quick survey below, it's literally 2 questions, shouldn't take more than 23 seconds, and it means alot to us as we continue to grow and learn. 

Thank you!


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